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  1. I always get uber excited when I see another Lupo, but only ever been waved at once by another LupLup driver! (another yellow one )whenever I am driving behind another Lupo or if another Lupo joins behind mine I shout out 'Convoy' LOL much to my Fiance's amusement lol
  2. Hey all Just thought I'd post a link to this looks awesome fun. Its back for 2010!!! For the second year V Dubs in the Forest will be taking place on 17th - 19th September at New Park in Brockenhurst. This weekend will be kept as a chilled out camping weekend with light entertainment both nights. The weekend will be kept to a maximum of 100 pitches with the heart of the New Forest (Long Meadow Campsite, Brockenhurst) and only cost £25 per van for the weekend. Arrival will be available from midday Friday, giving you time to set up and play in the forest before heading over to the marquee for the evening entertainment. Saturday will be yours to explore the surrounding area, hire a bike or simply have a bbq and a few beers on site. Sunday we'll turn the site into a massive picnic area for everyone to catch up together, eat lots and enjoy the sunshine before heading home. To book a place email kim AT newforestshow.co.uk http://thelatebay.com/index.php?topic=3327.0 This has been copied from the above link, there is also a facebook group and event. On the Sunday ther Rally field has been booked for Beaulieu so there will be convoy down there Anyone can join for the day so meet at New Park at 10 and we'll all go together! Entrance is £11 for adults and £6 for children into Beaulieu. So if you jut fancy convoying and a day out come and join in Thought I'd pass this on in case anyone is interested
  3. Welcome any pics? glad you found a Lupo :-) mine is my first car and I love her to bits hee hee
  4. Lovely looking one seems a bit overpriced I reckon tho
  5. Haha! It's true! I love my Lupo to bits
  6. Awww what a sweet story welcome to the club
  7. Tash-a


    I was too impatient with finding mine lol I have always wanted a yellow one or white one and had a small budget :'( and wanted a 1.4, is hard but keep looking!
  8. Tash-a


    Heewwwlllo! :)Good luck finding a Lupo! :-) and huge congrats on passing your test! great feeling isn't it Enjoy the club!
  9. Welcome George Oooo your gf will love a Lupo :-) I am sure! Does she know you're going to get her one? hope her driving lessons go well and enjoy Club Lupo!
  10. Welcome! and glad you found a LupLup
  11. Oooo I so wish I could come! next time promise! What is your mate called? hee hee! I thought the yellow Lupos were quite rare down here but there is actually quite a few of them!
  12. Hey richie guy could you expand a bit please? this is my first car... so I apologise but my knowledge is a bit lacking on these kinda things! doh
  13. Aww bad news indeed :'( I love your Lup! It looks so good! I really hope it gets well soon and isn't too much expense
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