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  1. Are the grab handles sunvisors and interior loght surround standard? if so how much posted to kent?
  2. How much for grab handles, sunvisors and interior light surround posted to Kent?
  3. How much for grab handles, sun visors, interior light surround posted to Kent? thanks
  4. Have you still got the grab handles sunvisors and interior light surround?
  5. Afraid not theyre going back on as we speak.... I need to sort those ones out.. Sorry...
  6. Well just park it next to mine and yours would look lovely and clean ! Where abouts are you from ? Ashford ? :S
  7. I can ... You can also see my boyfriends modified lexus on the drive! this is kennington too not willesborough . Your car looks nice and clean. Now I've seen this picture definitely cleaning it tomorrow !
  8. Oh my gosh I never plan on getting spotted other wise I might have washed it haha! There's nothing poor about it Greg ! It's amazing! X
  9. I didn't like to say that... But my thoughts exactly
  10. Lol. I've seen it too. And got to agree !
  11. My car has different wheels now ! keep an eye out ! I've got dark grey / black polo wheels
  12. I saw a green lupo on the way to work Wednesday evening in ashford !
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