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  1. Ecu :/ sounds like abit more work then I thought
  2. My valve seals on my car are on the way out so while I strip the engine down was thinking of fitting the 100bhp set up ? What do I need to make mine the 100bhp ? From the 75bhp
  3. Po*Low*

    1.4 16v Exhaust

    Best to just repair/ replace with standard ?
  4. Po*Low*

    1.4 16v Exhaust

    I have smashed my exhaust off speed bumps and it's rattling blowing knocking the whole lot. Was thinking just to remove the cat and centre box as it's the cheap way, but will it make the car run **** ? "Under powered, lumpy" or will it help the car breath better and a little quicker ? Or is it better to buy another standard exhaust ?
  5. Po*Low*

    Wheel Help

    Will a set of 13" steels fit over my brakes ? It's the 1.4 16v 75bhp Lupo
  6. They are all in perfect condition have been freshly painted professionally in Ferrari yellow "Broom Yellow" Not a mark on the wheels, All straight and ture, 1st to view will buy With 175/50 Yokohama which are near new. They are 13x8j ,4 x 101.6mm I also do have a spare which has also been painted professionally in Ferrari yellow Also have a Spare wheel with a 175/50 Yoko which has around 5mm left But is only 7J And also do have some paint left just in case of needing touch up 5 Wheels all in Mint Condition with with near new tyres £600ono Which i think is a very fair price Due to Freshly professionally painted and mint condition, Near new Yoko's and 5 Wheels 07553037397
  7. Po*Low*

    Interior Parts

    After mint ones tbh, But thank you anyway.
  8. Po*Low*

    Interior Parts

    I'm after a few interior parts, - Grab Handles "All Four" - Alarm Sensor Unit - 3rd Sun visor "Above the Interior light" All items MUST be in very good condition and also MUST be black as well
  9. Po*Low*

    Vw Lupo 1.0/1.4

    My sister has just turned 17 and shes after a Lupo we have got 2k to play with for her 1st car, What you got ? Based in Staffordshire Or Southampton so round these areas please
  10. Here for sale is my 2003 53 reg vauxhall combo van 1.7 DTI 122,000 miles, Nothing for this type of van moted until 23rd feb 2012 6 months tax Only two owners from new one being a company in Scotland Genuine SXI/SRI Center console "silver" Genuine SXI Seats Genuine SXI Clocks Genuine SXI Steering wheel Sun Glasses holder Heko wind deflector 1st time strater every time never misses a beat, Is in very good condition for a van dont get me wrong it has the od few marks on it but its not a never van, recent oil and filter change has been a well looked after van More then likely have missed something out so will add to it if need for any further info feel free to message me or call me on 07553037397. £1800
  11. Right sold/swap my polo a few days ago and found a few parts around Going to sell together both in very good condition ideal up grade for you lower model 6N2 or a 6N polo and Lupo As most people will know this is all so from the Lupo GTi the are the same as the Polo 6N2 GTi £50posted £40posted
  12. As title please, With or without airbag. Money awaiting
  13. Hahahaha, Thats all been sorted the police came round last night before work and my insurance was in the wrong
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