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  1. Only thing I would check is the date stamps if that concerns you. Mostly likely out of date. I replace mine regardless after 5 years which I’m sure is written somewhere as good practise.
  2. Not sure, if the government are saying you can extend the MOT then don’t see a problem for insurance companies. for me it’s peace of mind so I’ll have mine done on time. Looks like most people selling their cars are using it as as advantage and just letting it slide. For £30 that gives me more confidence that your car is roadworthy.
  3. Have you thought about using VCDS to diagnose the cause of the engine light. It’s free?
  4. tbh when i payed less than £50 per tyre for what i would call a middle of the range tyre i was happy. Time will tell if they feel better than the ying yangs the car came with haha.! I was advised before, that my MOT would be extended for 6 months due to COVID, however i rather get it sorted now and at least have someone check it for peace of mind!
  5. UPDATE: Almost forgot. After the piss poor communication that is blackcircles, i had to rebook my tyres for a different date. long story short, Larry the lupo is wearing some new Avon tyres.woop. Another job ticked off the list. MOT date booked for 13th July
  6. UPDATE: a few parts turnt up a while back, just never took pictures. New boot struts were fitted, which are amazing. Have set aside some time next week between shifts and before my MOT to get the suspension and brakes done. Hopefully then, no advisories which is reassuring. Front Suspension arms and some new Pagid rear brake shoes and discs. Also got myself some brake cable clips to hold the fluid back while i sort it.. and as before got some 5L of fluid left over so will flush the system at some point.
  7. Also interested
  8. Thats good! I had been driving my SDI around with half power for 6 months!! so if you think the standard is slow you defo didnt want to be in mine!! I have full power now and it flies around town!
  9. Easy. Remove stereo. There is one hex on the left, one hex on the right and one hex in the middle inside where you stick the stereo. Like the back of it. then it unclips.
  10. UPDATE: So sorted out a rather annoying thing yday. I had some of those vent slats missing since day one, and manage to pick some up at a scrappy couple of months back. so went ahead with dismantling the dash, cleaning it all up and fitting these 2 slats.. most of the time was spent cleaning the caked on dirt! No need but thought since i am breathing this air i might as well make it fresh! Also a managed to foobar the radio few weeks back, tried to fix it by swapping out the fuse but having gone through each fuse in the fusebox since there are two for the radio stuff! it was a simple fix! haha! Can never find the time for the simple jobs.. And Lastly me and my very patient wife spent the next 6 hours swapping over a boot lid! When i got the car, there was a nasty banged rusty patch near the bottom of the rear window.. i sourced a whole boot lid and wiring for £15 and has been sat in the garage for a long time! Little did we know it was missing some wiring! f##k... so needed to unwind all the electrics from both car and boot lid, find what was missing... Rethread it through the boot lid and inside the car (insert a lot of swear words and various hours! ) untill we finally got it all back together!! i wont be doing this again! Ill add a pic later. Its amazing , you never truly know what the car has been up to until you take off panels, and carpet etc.. and find screws missing, trim clips broken etc.. I have now added, Rear bulbs, rear trim clips, rear light screws and boot struts to my list of new tyres and exhaust. I also managed to order up some new subframe bolts for when i swap over the suspension arms.. i saw they were one time use only so thats a job for next week !! ... and breathe!!
  11. Well I’m Wiltshire as you know. Yeah if i get 2 years that be awesome. Only paid £40. I can then get current OEM arms cleaned and powder coated with polyurethane bushes Might look at the drop links and front arb while I’m in there. Cheap as chips. Just needs to stop raining
  12. My parts have turnt up yay! Just need a few hours on the weekend!
  13. Yeah its called MCM Garage in Radstock. VW/Audi etc specialist. I trust them and labor rates are very good! i have opted to buy complete front arms complete with bushes and the ball joint thing on the end. Very cheap i might add! The garage did advise they normal fit new bushes for me, but for £40 all in i can just unbolt and rebolt back in.. i hope i dont live to regret this! I have just ordered some new tyres too ill have a look at the anti roll bars. The previous owner has already a few items already so ill just check when i got the wheels off again. Restoration maybe, what id really like to do is take the pieces apart, sand blast, paint them up and refit all new.. but atm the car is being used every day for deliveries so i want to keep it on the road without too much disruption. If i can buy the parts cheap enough i can just unbolt and rebolt shiny new ones on. thanks for the Tip with the exhaust. ill have a look !
  14. Seats removed, create a nice large cupboard in the back maybe i can continue this legacy haha
  15. This is brilliant. I don’t have that problem in my SDI Working for dominoes hahahahaha
  16. Can i jump on this. I used to have my stereo working, but wanted to take it out to fit the subwoofer. After investigating and sticking it back in it no longer works so i think something might have shorted out. I tried using the original and again no power. I checked the fuse on the back of the headunit and its fine and also the one i could find in the fusebox. Are there two down in the fusebox i should check ?
  17. Update Time So car went into the garage. They inspected the pedal box and he said all looked good to him, he thinks it might have been replaced already, he said something along the lines of the bolts looks like they have been out already. So for him no point replacing the box just yet, so that's very honest of them. Secondly, i had the clutch cable checked over and adjusted, they got rid of the slack for me and so the car feels better when operating the clutch, Thirdly, they did a mini inspection and found a few niggles which i had already identified, the tracking is out causing some inner wear on my nearly bald tyres, and the front, rear bushings for the front triangle bit (forget the name) need looking at in the near future. So i will get them ordered and swapped out before the MOT. Theres a slight blow in the exhaust coming from the mid section which has had a dodgey weld repair before, so could get it welded or might treat the old girl to a full system, that way i can be sure of no leaks in the years to come. Lastly, the best news of all... After all the time i tried to diagnose the engine light and changing the sensor, all it needed was 15mins of the right pair of hands, to figure out it was a crappy wire, so fixed that up, connected back into the plug and bam engine light gone... but best of all.. the insane amount of power is back haha! Pulls so well in all gears now!! Im so happy and only cost £100. Looking forward to ordering a few new parts, Exciting times! Long live my Lupo
  18. That’s the plan. Don’t get me wrong the car has had 3-4 times the price spent on it. But it means more to me than the money. I have a brand new car sat on the drive if I want driving pleasure etc. This is for commuting, a hobby, taking the dog out, going to the tip. But a useable car you know keeps me happy for now
  19. I get that. I do. I will ask them and see what they say when they get eyes on it. I tried looking but I don’t have the time like I said. If there’s signs of wear I’ll just replace it. It’s a £70 part worth it for my peace of mind. metal can look good on the outside but the stresses on the inside won’t be seen until it snaps. I have 152k on the clock so even if it hasn’t been done, it’s had a good run. A new one should last me more than Ill have the car for. There is no mention of it being looked at or changed, so I want to get a clean slate. The clutch itself was replaced 2 years ago around 5000 miles so that should be good for a bit. The coilovers on the car were on there when I got the car. I wound them up to a decent height as the previous owner liked to scrap the floor as it seems. I was going to replace with standard suspension at some point but they work and don’t leak so that’s good news for now.
  20. First off, I like getting ahead of the curve as the main problems with these cars. I don’t want to have to keep chasing things breaking all the time. Call this a sort of restoration. I have coilovers yes, I don’t understand that part of your comment???? Although this is true, why wait until it brakes? I know you said I could adjust the clutch etc but I have nor the time or experience. I have looked on YouTube and read through the forum and it’s just not clear enough to “have a go”. The clutch needs 2” to engage, and slightly creaks every now and again. i rather just get the garage to get a new pedal box in there, new cable adjust it all up and stick a lid on that chapter. I will then attack the other things on my list of maintenance. Like gear box possibly fit a new refurbished one, change the gearbox oil etc. Replace the coolant system with new parts. Etc etc like I said, its my daily beater but I’d like to hope I can semi restore it to new health. It’s a project and interesting at the same time
  21. UPDATE: Got the car booked into the garage again to get a new pedal box fitted. Very reasonably price, only half the cost of the car. I want to get ahead of the curve in regards to problems that might occur down the line. i want the car to be as reliable as possible especially when i go back to work and do the 70miles commute. I am nearly at my goal of all known faults fixed. Will update again once this has been done.
  22. not bad for 16 years old
  23. UPDATE: Been using the little blue beast for deliveries in the time of crisis. I work from home in the day and deliver pizza by night. Managed to accrue some extra cash from the deliveries which pays for fuel and maintenance so got some nice new discs,pads and fluid for the front. on inspection it appeared someone had replaced the pads but not the manky discs, which is weird when a cheap set from ECP is £20.. so off with the old, gave the hub and stuff a little going over with the dremel to remove flaky rusty ****. I didnt have the time, or new bolts to take it apart and sand it all down like i want to do in the future. but it looks 10 times better, ready for MOT time in 3 months. Might replace the lower arms (the triangle section of steel) since some of the rubbers are perishing. At £18 a side, its soo cheap, so why not. Any way couple of pics.
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