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  1. I've put the car up for £250 if it doesn't sell then scappies will have it. Been offered £200 by a local scrapyard but would like to see this one live on if it can. Wouldn't actually mind letting someone have it for £200. As you said this will really be a project for someone wanting to maybe fix the gearbox or get a secondhand.
  2. Make: VW Lupo SDi MOT: Oct 2021 Engine size: 1716 CC Fuel type: Diesel Milage: 152k Location: Bristol Selling my beloved Lupo, been in family for around 13 years and never missed a beat. Always had regular oil changes and filter changes. I used it first, in that time it only did motorway miles (Bristol - London), most of the 152k are mine and then my sister had it for past 4 years. We recently replace few tyres and alternator. Battery was replaced couple of years back. Has Sony CD player with AUX. Few age related marks (see pictures) and could do with a cle
  3. mk2 thanks for the suggestion but I just don't have the space or the equipment to take a gearbox out. Also we have a replacement as we couldn't wait for this. So this will have to go now. Had some great times in this little donkey. It will be missed.
  4. I haven't asked those guys but I've decided to put the car up for sale with broken box if anyone is interested. I will list it in the for sale section soon. If it doesn't sell in a week I will have to scarp it. Sad to see it go but time has come for this donkey to go.
  5. I wouldn't be as disappointed as I am right now if it was neglected, sadly when I bought it it had a very faint wining noise so I changed the gearbox oil and it lived up until now. Has done 152k miles so its done well but I know gearboxes would go for longer. I do all the regular servicing my self so it has been looked after as well as I could with my limited knowledge. Asked around bristol area for labour charge and most people want £230-£250, that plus the actual price of the gearbox would exceed the value of the car I'd say. How much @Little tank looking for his Box?
  6. We have a Lupo 1999, been in the family for around 12-13 years now and its never missed a beat. Sadly all of a sudden the gearbox has given up and I do see a little puddle under the car of fluid. I think its gearbox oil. It was hard to change the gears when it went and now its completely gone. Haven't looked under the car yet will take a look tomorrow. Car is in ok condition in terms of exterior and interior and engine is still pretty good. Anyone has a gearbox on sale? or someone interested in purchasing the car as is? will post some pics tomorrow.
  7. ok so tried this suggested procedure and its made a little difference so thank you for this skezza and everyone else for chipping in. But deep down I know this isn't a proper fix as the car was smoother, a lot smoother when I first had it. So there must be something causing this. I am looking at the injectors, just to see if there is carbon buildup in the nozzles and thats what causing the excessive vibrations? Someone did suggest dogbone, is that a possibility? will update as this mystery unfolds. 😂
  8. I have the same vibration issue on my 1.7 SDi and I am trying to fix this with help of members here. Once I fix mine I will post my findings. If anyone else had any success please share. Thanks.
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