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  2. @Westmidz_lupothey do indeed, was looking at fiesta st at the same time but the fact that the lipo GTi doesn't really drop in price swayed my decision. Unfortunate that your having to downgrade from an Impreza to a lupo, but one day you'll get back to those performance highs! Currently my plans are just getting it in better condition, spoiler needs repairing and a new centre brake light, got a leaky passenger door seal that needs sorting but I can't see where it's coming in! Wheels are being repainted in red within the next few weeks... But other than that it's pretty steady! Exhaust & coilovers were done a few months ago so I'm still recovering financially from that currently ? you got any plans with yours?
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  3. @Westmidz_lupo I'm only just down the road in Armitage, just past Lichfield ?
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