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    Just wondering if anyone has fitted any kind of sub/amp combo in their boot, and where they connected the earth (brown) wire to the chassis?
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    I know i really does need lowering its so high and i hate it! Which would you advise to get coilovers or lowering springs?
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    Ugh, club stuff, go to cave, see cavewoman, giver her good slap, keep things in check. (whilst avoiding dinosaurs)
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    Hi Guys, Iv got a little red lupo and thinking about getting my roof wrapped, what would look best, matt black or shiny black? Also she is standard: any ideas about some modifications i could do? I am thinking about lowering her but no idea about springs and how much mm etc etc, All ideas and help welome
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    My VW Fox! Mods: Alpine head unit (ALP-CDE133BT) Alpine front and rear speakers - Fronts (ALP-SXE-1750S) Rears - (ALP-SXE1725S) Rear de-badge Back box exhaust Coilovers - http://www.coiloversdirect.co.uk/vw-fox-prosport-coilovers/prod_60.html Calibre Vintage 16" 7j wheels - 195/40/16 tyres Before: After coilovers fitted: After both coilovers and calibres fitted: Head unit and speakers: Front speakers: Rear speakers: FYI, rear speaker wiring is already there, so all you have to do is buy these adapters - http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/con-ct55-08-ct55-08-speaker-fitting-adapter-for-vw-golf-ivpassat-98andgt;.html - and simply connect and fit them in.
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    Forgot about this. Yeah i was gonna day i would have been surprised to hear there's rust on your paintwork cos it looks reeeally clean in your build thread.
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