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College Edition?

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That fabric design is neat... different. Makes me wonder how many designs there are. Hey, there's a subject- just like we have the different colours thread, someone needs to start an interior thread (pun unintended).

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I am a woman and I find cute something that is for women. 

Men are supposed to be manly! Oily hands and rugged jawlines... hairy chests and ripped trousers that are covered in brake fluid or summit..... and a beard. A big huge beard! :);) 

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That is what I believed too for many many years. Then we started buying cute cars and every female head is turning our way from young to old. Do you suppose that the establishment has hoodwinked us into believing in something that is not real to sell products?

Just like us fellows, deep down if we care to admit it or not, prefer the ladies to have a little substance to them not these scrawny anaemic bone racks that the establishment wants us to like! But... there are whole economies based on what we are supposed to like...

And have you noticed that the big rugged, square jawed, bearded, hairy, jean jacket with the sleeves ripped off, biker types are almost always alone? 😉

So - the ladies at any age still like cute and us guys at any age still like big ________s! You fill in the blank! It's etched in our DNA.

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