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  1. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Deposit taken
  2. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    I would like to sell the interior as a package as the colour trim will then match up. I can message you a break down in costs The car is not really going to apeal to the "casual" buyer tho with two bucket seats and harnesses. I dont think the price tag is outragous, but like you said its waiting for the right buyer. Yeh alot of people are interested in them, been offer £950 for them before xmas but turned them down as wanted to sell the car first.
  3. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Still on Auto Trader. But looks like i'm going to be braking it.
  4. Fast Car Lupo Project - **page 2 what wheels?**

    Scrap that and just buy mine will probs save you money in the long run
  5. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

  6. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Duno if anyone has spotted it yet but it's in the new Golf+ mag. Enjoy the read guys
  7. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Golf + magazine feature coming the end of next month Still up for sale too
  8. Love this Gti on the TH mo's Mines up for sale
  9. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Online feature and cover car http://www.scenestatusmagazine.com/
  10. I sorted mine too. I broke the outer casing on the cambelt tensioner. So replaced it and the cambelt too.
  11. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    It's on piston heads. Was on here but it might of run out of time. (If it ant broke don't fix it) (better when it was a forum) £5,995 as it stands. Or £5,250 on standard black sport rims. That's with fresh tax and its just had the cambelt done 2 weeks back. Message me if your interested and we can arrange a viewing.
  12. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Hi, no still for sale but have a new job so using it daily. Still love it tho.
  13. Cheers mate ill have a look. Just fitted a new alternator belt too.
  14. Dan's Grey Lupo *now up for sale*

    Front fog lights are indicators. Yeh there just for mot. As long as there fixed (double sided tape) you can't tell.