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  1. Panel Filters

    How did you blank off the hot air feed pipe?
  2. CL Stickers

    Interested in stickers 😁
  3. I did think it was odd that the lupo ones only have the two screws at the front :/
  4. Haha as much as the rattle annoys me, I still love having them 🙈
  5. Screen wash bottle is leaking

    Second this, mine had the same seal go!
  6. Considering changing GTi for A1 - thoughts?

    Not an a1, they arent nice to drive for an Audi and are no fun at all. An S1 on the other hand.... Omg haha
  7. LUPO norfolk area

    You would be correct 😍
  8. Hello all, the twin cup holders in my lupo gti seem to droop slightly in the middle and rattle slightly when driving. I'm trying to sort out all of my rattles because they do my head in haha. Has anyone had a similar problem or is it just me? I've tried felt tape on the under side but that didn't help anything. Thanks in advance. Lewis.
  9. LUPO norfolk area

    Was more than likely me in the 05 Lupo gti