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    Lupo 1.4s 2002
  1. Minivickie29

    Screen wash bottle is leaking

    So it was not of the pipes not in correctly but now that's fixed as it was the back one! If I press for back wiper to spray it soaks the inside of my car ? Thanks for your help guys ??
  2. Minivickie29

    Screen wash bottle is leaking

    Hi all mg screenwash bottle was filled up by myself after buying my car, noticed it was empty 10 days later and hadn't even drove it, as still had curtesy car! Have refilled and it's done same thing! No leakages or wet patches in the car so wondering if anyone has had this problem, or if it's a quick fix like might be a pipe not in right, before I take it all off and buy a new bottle thanks!
  3. Minivickie29

    Hi all

    Hi all so I am currently on my 2nd lupo! 1st one had in June and some idiot women drove into me, and wrote my beloved little blue smurf off! She was a beauty little 1ltre! So have now upgraded to 1.4s in red! Have joined to gain more knowledge of my fave car of all time and if I come across any problems thanks ?

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