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  1. Wow, love what you've done with this!
  2. Early GTI

    Thanks mate. I will get some pics up and see what you think.
  3. Early GTI

    Small update, I've managed to get a standard GTI airbox and engine cover, so the BMC induction kit is for sale. However, looking at both sills, they do show a fair bit of corrosion, I'm hoping not too much of an issue, but knowing my luck :-/ Ok, I'm sure these sills are still available new somewhere, am I right?
  4. My Lupo GTI

    Funny as I was looking for a raven blue one and ended up with a black one lol. Really good find there
  5. Early GTI

    Oh that will be going as soon as I manage to find a replacement standard airbox, I also intend to replace the OMP steering wheel with an original one or possibly a Momo team 280. I want her to look virtually standard, but happy to keep the uprated suspension etc as she handles like on rails; far better than my previous Lupo GTI. The problem is I've completely go the Lupo GTI bug back Oh, managed to get a GTI grille badge off ebay, as it looks terrible without. Not sure if I should get a standard silver front VW badge or a black one. The fella who previously had it has sprayed the original badge black and its chipped off badly. I also need a black tow eye cover if anyone has one.
  6. Early GTI

    Haha, good point Rich. Perhaps I will be a poverty spec member
  7. Early GTI

    Thanks Silver! Seriously needs a front grille GTI badge. I was considering getting a set of Schmidt Modernlines for her but I'm really starting to like the Bathurst wheels.
  8. Early GTI

    Nice to be back in a Lupo GTI after selling my raven blue 2002 GTI just over a year ago. So after seeing this on ebay I couldn't resist. Its an early 5 speed 2001 model and runs very well indeed. Just a few small jobs to do but its great to be in a Lupo GTI again She's had some nice modifications too... rear anti roll bar, Bilstein suspension, cat back, G60 brakes .EBC gold series front discs (G60 setup 288mm) Ferrodo dsc2500 front pads EBC gold series rear discs (standard gti). Ferrodo dsc2500 rear pads OMP steering wheel. BMC cda induction kit NGK iridium spark plugs polybush kit extended bottom arms It's great to be back on this forum!
  9. Rota Grids

    Yeah their prices are very good
  10. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Totally gorgeous!!!
  11. Rota Grids

    Cheers guys, much appreciated.
  12. Rota Grids

    Yeah, it theyre 18s, too big for me.
  13. Rota Grids

    I'm really keen on getting a new set for my Lupo GTI. Can anyone tell me do they do them in 16 and where is the best place to get them from? Having trouble finding them. Thanks
  14. Hi guys I've just bought another Lupo GTI and the headlight washers are missing both sides on the bumper. Are these still available from VW? Tow eye covers are missing too but I'm getting some off eBay. Thanks
  15. You may have seen the feature in Golf+ a few months back. Lets get some Lupos there!!!! Very easy to find, close to Cribbs.