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FIRST OF ALL! anyone going to VW All Types show next weekend?!?!


Hello, im james i live in St.Asaph North Wales! (second smallest city in the uk) ;) and i joined club lupo about a week ago just before i got my hands on my very own first car which is a soft blue 2001 1.0 lupo, i thoufght i should start a thread of some of the things i have done on my car and some of the things i want to do and maybe you guys can give me your opinions and ideas!

Some pictures when i went to view the car! i instantly fell in love!




i got in contact with the seller who is a machanic at toyota and thhis car had come in for a part ex, its only done 63,000 and he did a service for me when i brought it, putting on a new cambelt and 2 brand new falken tyres on the front aswel as a waterpump change and some other little things that needed doing to the car! he also did an MOT on the car so another thing i dont have to worry about for 12 months!

As soon as i got the car home i had to start on the mods!

as i am a little stratp for cash most the time i started with a few cheap mods like blacking badges, removing all factory stickers and de-wippering the car, i also got a stubby ariel and a new VW tax disk holder in the same colour as the car off ebay!



Keeping the car clean at this time of year where i live is a very hard task as the rain and wind brings all sorts of crap off the trees and sticks to the car! i will be givving the car a good clean tomorrow though depending on the weather!

also a picture of the car standard next to the car i was driving before!


I will keep you all updated on my adventure of my little lupo! next up i think is wrapping some interior trim and also i want new wheels or going to spray mine black! depending on money! opinions welcome and any help also!

Thanks James!

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them mic things are sensors i believe

cute car welcome to the forum

that subby Arial i think you need to cut down the thread abit so it sits nicer

also i think you should get rid of the bump strips along the doors :)

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yeah i realised what they are now so cheers guys! and how did you spot that or the ariel haha! to be honest im going to get a more exspencive one because the quality is ****, but what did i expect for £5! Yeah bumb strips is an option, just when ive got time and paitence to be bothered rubbing all that sticky **** off!

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Not been on this thread for a few days! ah right okay, can i get one on ebay then yeah? to be honnest ive been contemplating just putting a standard back on it haha! St Asaph business park? and okay ill watch out for that! when it starts to go ill get a new one! or nce its driven me crazy!

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