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Engine Cover Delete


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Right i have tried to find this on the forum to no avail.

is there a way i can remove the engine cover / air box completely and put a mushroom filter onto the throttle body ?

if so what have people done to re route the HT leads and keep then safe and tidy ??

Any help appreciated .

Equally im aware putting a filter onto a 1.0 is of no benefit i just prefer the tone while driving.

also i aint a chav - kn*bhead - t*sser any of the normal crack people will come out with its just preference.

And no i dont sit revving the tits outta my engine at traffic lights :)

Thanks in advance

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First thing, there is a reason why you haven't found anything on it, it will look awful, plus as you mention it will bring no benefit whatsoever, what's wrong with just an induction kit? Can fit most things to most things using tape and/or hose adaptors to step up or step down the diameter depending on what you're fitting, but as I say, induction kit is the way forward. Or drill your air box.......

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Keep the cover and box just remove the filters and fit a cone or pod on the end of the air intake (get some little filters for the breather pipes)

It'll sound much better then running hoses off the TBS trust me I've done both.

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See link:http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/95137-air-filter/

I'm no knobber either as you say, I just had to remove mine because the standard air-box wouldn't fit under the strut-brace.

It does sound throaty although I was reluctant to fit an induction kit but it was the only option I had.

Any questions just ask.


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