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I have a 99 1.4s lupo that has a fault with the locks. I've looked around the forums for similar problems but I can't find any with the exact same problem!!!

Basically my central locking is f@%ked!!!! I put the key in the lock and turn it, the central locking clicks as it unlocks (I know the central locking is deactivated because my little red alarm light stops flashing next to the lock) but the little popper doesn't pop up and the handle doesn't open the door. I can then turn the key the other way to reactivate the central locking and alarm.

Right now I have to unlock the cars central locking then take the key out and use it to open the boot, then I can crawl through the car and unlock my door from the inside (but this isn't very practical).

Basically does anyone have an idea what I need to replace ? Barrel ? Spring in the barrel? Wires for the central locking ? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

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Same problem for me but it's more of a case of my drivers door I have to lock by pushing the door lock in from inside then climb across to the passenger side to get out that side and lock that door by using my key to turn the lock...

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