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  1. Just like he said, I would say you don't have remote central locking. You will have standard central locking but from what you've said it sounds to me like the wires may be burnt out or you might have a screwed wire harness in your door. Does it make a locking noise when you lock/unlock your drivers door?
  2. Hello, I have a 99 1.4s lupo that has a fault with the locks. I've looked around the forums for similar problems but I can't find any with the exact same problem!!! Basically my central locking is f@%ked!!!! I put the key in the lock and turn it, the central locking clicks as it unlocks (I know the central locking is deactivated because my little red alarm light stops flashing next to the lock) but the little popper doesn't pop up and the handle doesn't open the door. I can then turn the key the other way to reactivate the central locking and alarm. Right now I have to unlock the cars central locking then take the key out and use it to open the boot, then I can crawl through the car and unlock my door from the inside (but this isn't very practical). Basically does anyone have an idea what I need to replace ? Barrel ? Spring in the barrel? Wires for the central locking ? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!
  3. That lamppost at the left of the picture haha. You live and learn.
  4. Hello everyone, just a little update again. I actually only ever brought a lupo because it's all I could afford after writing off my smart roadster. However it must have been fate, as I will never leave the vag community now I'm part of it. Anyway, after months of arguing with my insurance and Slavic have finally got my private plate back, and its on my lupo. Before people say "what's that mean" my surname is cafe (pronounced Kay-F) but everyone calls café.
  5. I put some cheap nasty 40mm lowering springs on last week. I can't afford any decent coilies until the new year at least, but as soon as I can afford some worth buying he will be on the deck.
  6. It's 40mm but I have a large mate in the back and a full boot (:
  7. alright, i cant currently afford coilovers so instead of riding around looking like a muppet i opted for some cheap 40mm lowering springs. the ride is slightly harsher than before but not unbareable! and here is a little before and after, hope it helps mate
  8. That's a picture with a contrasting effect on and they genuinely aren't so dark in the flesh but cheers, nice to get dome feedback.
  9. Just a little update really, I took off my rubstrip which left horrible paint fade marks! So I brought some side stripes and stuck them on and now I really like them. I've also done a few small jobs like tinting lights, spraying badges, New head unit & amp but unfortunately I'm still riding higher than snoop dog! Ordered some very basic lowered springs for now but I will be investing in some coilovers in the coming months! (Probably get Christmas out of the way first).
  10. I Wanna tint my lights, should I use a film or a spray ? Anyone got experience with either ? (I think I would be able to do both so that's not an issue)
  11. Well not really, gonna keep trying today! In some lights it's not too bad but in others it's disgusting so if I can't get rid of the fade in the next few days, my plan is to keep the nice shape of the body by leaving the bump strips off but adding some kind of stripe/decal. Never been a lover of stripes but I do prefer them to bump strips or paint fade (: haha
  12. Debadged and De-bumpstriped today, followed by 3 hours of excessive cleaning. Love how kermit is starting to look just need some stripes and springs in the next few weeks!
  13. I'll be up b&q any minute to invest in some sticky stuff but woke up this morning and went to have a look, and now it's all in daylight there is some clear paint fade!!! It looks terrible I don't know weather I can use my 'magic' colour coded t-cut to get that out? Or if I need something else ? Or if I'm just screwed? Help me!! Haha
  14. Cheers (: yeah I think that's some of my mates pretending they know what there on about! Quick question for you, I've done one side of the cars bump strips (before the rain came) and its left a black line, I picked at it for a good hour and I've done maybe a quarter of the black line! So the question is will this sticky stuff remover get that black sticky crap off ? And yeah badges are off tomorrow apart from the vw's!!
  15. I'm only 18, with a claim at age 17! No one would insure me on a gti but the 1.4s for me is dirt cheap. Same quotes as a crappy 1L corsa. & I know what I would rather drive! And like you say you can always adapt the body work to your taste anyway.
  16. Fitted my custom refurbed alloys, and it does needs lowering! My quick question is if I lower it some of my mates say it'll be okay but others say I need some kind of 're-enforced bolts ? Any ideas ?
  17. I got out the hairdryer fishing line and petrol today to get the bump strips off.but as I prized away the strip it became very apparent that the 14 years of glue have pulled the paint off. I adhesived the strip back on but I think I'm gonna need a panel respray when I decide they really have to go unless you know a way to touch up a patch ?? (:
  18. Need some help does anyone know if a set of e30 bmw bbs alloys 15" with 195/45/15 tyres will fit my cars Hub okay ??

  19. Need some help does anyone know if a set of e30 bmw bbs alloys 15" with 195/45/15 tyres will fit my cars Hub okay ??
  20. cheers for the photo help & i think using the old just fit them and then adjust it till its right method might be the best way to go for lowering.
  21. okay well this is the baby as he stands right now unmoded but ready to go
  22. okay now this will sound amateur but how do you post a photo on this thread ? haha
  23. That sounds about right for my needs so what size wheels do you have on? And how low is it (roughly) ? Ta
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