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Misfire Lupo 1.0

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Right lads, bit of an issue regarding a misfire. About a month ago I spun out and went into some bushes. Car got shaken about but no cosmetic damage at all. Afterwards however, the car was only running on 2 cylinders and the EPC light came on. I disconnected the battery to reset the ECU and light stayed out. The EML light has been on ever since I bought the car. Now though, whenever I use full throttle the car misfires and only runs on 2 cylinders. The car only misfires when full throttle is applied. Any ideas? Cheers

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Spun in some bushes? Because racecar? I keed.

As above or if your in Dundee area I'd be able to read the code but tbh the hassle and petrol costs means you could get the code read cheaper or a member closer will help. But if your up here give me a pm.

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Brand new HT Leads and Coilpack off eBay seem to have cured the misfire. However, the EML is still on. I plugged in the scanner and came up with 4 faults regarding the Coilpack and EGR valve. Will let yous know how I get on once I fit the new NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs.

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