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Romanian Lupo - the UPO

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You have a glove box !

Here's the last teaser. Starting to assemble them and hopefully on Saturday, will roll them. Color choice was matte black with glossy red.

2 wheel whip is completed!  

Just now, Danyutz said:

Should be ok, yes, but wait till next month please, the cards are at my parent's home and we're not visiting until next month. Will keep you posted.

As long as they have my name on them! ;) hows the min?

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Long story with both cars. Lupo has, what I thought, a slight damage in the rear, one month ago a dude slipped and hit my bumper, resulted damage, cracked bumper and one of the cambridges. Me working at a dealership, agreed with the damages colleague to repair the car at our service, after a quick inspection, we got the approval for new bumper and tail light. All good, my service guys removed the bumper and surprise, everything behind it was severely dented, it seems that the car that hit me, completely missed the reinforced bar, so we requested a new evaluation, with the costs going over 1k euros, which on insurances book means total damage since Lupo is a cheap car. In all this time, the new bumper and the cambridge replacement arrived.

In due time, the Mini got to our dealership, with slight damage to the front bumper and hood ( because the retrofitted grille projector broke and dented the hood on a soft spot that couldn't be repaired ). Knowing the car from before, called the owner and told him that he should sell it to me, as i'd take better care of it. After a couple of phone calls, he agreed to sell it to me, but I was to pay the repair costs. At this time, all the parts were already ordered and arrived, new hood, new bumper, grille, projector replacement.

So, I ended up with having 2 cars with damage, I still use the Lupo ( which will finally get fixed next week ), the Mini has all the parts installed now, I am waiting for winter tires to be delivered ( bought a new set ) and the parts needed for oil change. If all goes well, Wednesday I will drive the Mini, as Lupo's insurance will expire.

As soon as the Lupo is repaired, I will replace the tails with the original ones and the lower GTi cards, will sell the car close to standard.

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Hey, started driving the Mini since 2 days ago, will post some pictures after I clean it saturday. Mods already pouring.

Lupo is waiting his turn for getting fixed. 

Haven't visited parents yet. I won't sell the cards to anyone else :D

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The little one has a new family, seems a loving one. Some goodies from the car already found new owners around Europe.

Guess i'll lurk around from time to time.

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It needs some time to adjust, but I have the revmeter on the dash and set the speed to show electronically on the small display. I look on the large one only at the gas level and engine temps.

Missus finds the speedo quite readable and always mentions when i go above speed limit. 

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