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lupo 1.4 turbo inlet manifold

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I am thinking of buying this inlet manifold for my lupo turbo project but not sure if it will fit looks like it will from the photos but wanted to know if any one had fitted this inlet manifold to a lupo 1.4 s ahw engine?

it is a polo 6n2 gti 1.6 16v inlet manifold hear are some photos,

Inlet manifold by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr

Inlet manifold by anthony.gaulter, on Flickr

any info please :yes:

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whats wrong with yours mate? people have used the 1.4 head. a few people have fitted the 1.4 head to the gti engine when boosting. never known anyone to fit a gti manifold to the 1.4 tho.

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^ that's an afh head from a polo 6n 1.4 sport.. Totally differnt from a lupo 1.4, cams are in the head rather than rocker cover and has bucket tappet rather than rocker roller set-up. The Gti inlet mani and bigger injectors will see gains after a map but mainly due to the injectors..


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I had that fitted in mine a few years ago when i was tuning that little 1,4 AHW ....

It has no bracket for the throttlecable cause the polo has flybywire.

And when you fit it, remember to take of the negative cable from the battery cause it will sit damn close

to the starters positive cable.

I got 105hp with the polo head+manifold+injectors, 1,6 AUS cams, header and remap.

A pic of in the car with a homemade bracket for the cable.


A pic of the manifold on my Polo gti head.


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