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out with the old and in with the new :)

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right guys last august i got my first car a 1.0mpi Lupo got it for the silly price of £420

this is how i got her 15" nasty alloys and 55-60 mm lowering springs and nasty little wing mirrors


so i got bored of how chavy it looked with the 15" multi fit alloys made it look then ended up with 5 sets of 13" steel wheels :paperbag:

after a fight with a badger i had to buy a new lower bumper, rad, rad fan and slam panel (lower bumper was from a lupo sport so had fogs and was colour coded)

other than getting the fogs working the pic below is how i sold her !!! sold it for £800 !!!


i got my new car last month :thumbup:

bought it after a friend sent me a link over facebook as i had been talking to them about my shopping list of things i wanted in my new car.

Dark blue MK2 Arosa Sport with less than 75k miles for less than £1500 less than 6 owners as standard as possible (you wouldn't believe how rare they are)

so this is the car i got


Dark blue MK2 arosa sport with 73,600 miles 5 previous owners standard other than some nasty hellfrauds wheels and a de badged grill and all this for

well within my budget :thumbup:



so after having the car for 5 days i spotted a set of month old coillovers on a facebook page for just £80!!! so when my friend asked me to go with him to

London for some sound stuff for his car i hitched a lift and stopped off on the way back for my coillovers (lucky friend found a mk1 arosa boot in the blokes

shed and got it for silly cheep and a little bonus there was an MS design spoiler bolted on it) so when i had a week off work i put them on and borrowed my

mates BMW E30 BBS 14" 6.5j with 165.60.14's on and with a little bit of playing with the front and with a bit of camber I managed to get the tyre past the arch

on the front and wind them all the way down :thumbup:

I have more plans for the car so il try and keep you posted

:excl: HID's next week and more lows very soon :excl:

thanks for reading if you see me around or at a show give us a wave :wave:

(i will be on club stand with Lincs.V.A.G for a few shows) :thumbsup:

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yehh so a week after gti fest was on my way to pick up some parts for a job i was doing when i had a few hard hits to the under side
and about 3 miles down the road i noticed the blue smoke so i pulled over and this happened in 1min while i went to pick up parts :/
the next day was fun doing my sump in the rain on the road :')


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I love the look of your arosa pal, what are those wheels in your latest post?

They look fantastic!

I've only had mine for a few weeks, it's supposed to be a daily but I've already got a bit of a shopping list building up...

All the best with her, I hope to see more snaps in the future :)


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tyre sizes are

165/45/15 on the front

165/50/15 on the rear

suspension set up atm

ta technix front coillovers with helpers out and no threads showing

5mm bumpstops (have compressed front springs for next year)

ta technix rear shocks with fk street rear springs that have been compressed

bumpstops cut flush with metal cap


is lupo sport 4-1 manifold

then 2" decat pipe to a standard center box

then a small silencer box then exhaust tip

no lambda sensors

(loud as ****)

and spits flame when im thrashing it

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