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VAG-abonds Unite @ Brooklands Museum, July 7th 2013


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Hey Everyone!

Introducing a new VAG+ show event at the UK's birthplace of Motorsport;


VAG-ABONDS UNITE at Brooklands Museum, Surrey on Sunday July 7th 2013

From Modified to Concourse Originals, all Aircooled and Watercooled VAG vehicles and VAGabonds are welcome. All set within the grounds of the worlds first race track!

The original idea has come through the camaraderie of the VW community, the friendships and the people at its core. How many of you have made friends for life because you love the same cars? It's about bringing us and our families together to enjoy everything under the VAG banner, and to enjoy the rich and varied history each of the companies under VW Audi share. Plus the location is the worlds first racetrack and has a feature packed museum set in some beautiful grounds for everyone to enjoy.

We Are VAG-abonds.

Free "Show & Shine" event with awards and prizes!
"Premier Paddock" section; showcasing Porsches, Bentleys and Lamborghinis.
Trade Stands and Enquiries Welcome. Contact Donna Hopton from events@brooklandsmuseum.com
Museum attractions for all the family, including the Concorde tour, F1 museum and Mercedes Benz World located just yards from the show site.
£10.00 to enter!

Follow the progress on facebook by searching VAG-abonds Unite, official Instagram @vagabondsunite and visit www.vag-abond.com

See and speak to you all soon.


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With help from the great lot at Whale Marketing, 2013's official VAG-abonds Unite poster has officially been released!

Also you may notice that there are more in-depth entrance fees. In keeping with the family ethos, Children 5 to 16 years of age are only £5.50 to enter, with all your younger baba's enter completely free!

Keep watching folks, more information and new stickers coming soon, ready for the show season!

We Are VAG-abonds, United We Roll.

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