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Taffeta Green 1.4E - Interior first (Nexus 7).


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Thought I'd start a build thread, seeing as I've added a fair few things to my interior.

Outside of the car is standard, just clean.


Interior wise, I've gone through 2 or 3 set-ups and I'm finally happy with what I've got:

Pioneer AVH-3200BT.

Focal 165KR (Components). ~ Awesome!

Rockford Fosgate P400.4. ~ Claims to output 50W rms x4 @ 4Ohms but I've measured it to be far higher.

Audio System X Subwoofer. ~ Built like a tank, from Germany.



Old vs. New Subwoofer:
Both 12" and the new one weighs about 14Kg!


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After setting up the system to this level, I then wanted to integrate my Nexus 7.

Using a case and 2 Tetrax Magnetic mounts.

The apps I use are:

Car Home Ultra - Displays Speed, Direction, Location & Weather details.

Power Amp - The best android music player.

Tablet Talk - Allows the user to answer calls on the tablet & View/Reply to texts on the Tablet.

For an Internet connection the Tablet is tethered to my phone via Bluetooth for 3G.

The phone is connected to the Pioneer Stereo through Bluetooth so that calls are reproduced through the car's speakers.






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can you not recess the headunit into the dash and place the tablet infront of it though?

Not really with this headunit, as it screws into place behind the surrounding plastic.

And the Aux jack is on the front too.

Could be a future plan though, see how this goes! :thumbsup:

Other similar iPad installs (Soundmancaraudio on YouTube) removes all of the stereo, and replaces everything with an ADC; with built in equalizers etc.

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