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broken little.lupo

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I was driving my 1.4 lupo to work the other day and I noticed the battery light flash on and off a few times it didn't do it again until the next day but when it did the car was fine until I was driving home from work. The battery light flashed for a long time and when I slowed down/stopped the car at traffic lights the intieror lights would flash on and of sometimes my car would almost reset its self, I was then stuck in traffic because of snow when I was on the last road home it was severely icy so I stopped and turned the ignition off, I turned my ignition on again and nothing my car was completely dead, I then got a jump start to get home and then my engine light came on it was confusing as it was only m.o.t'd a month ago now my car wont start at all and starts to make strange noises whenever I have tried to start it again all lights come on, if I put.my key in and turn the lights on the front lights are dim but then interior is fine, if I then turn the ignition on the interior lights turn off, I haven't got a clue what has happened to the car.

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You could read the manual and find out what the battery light means.

Check to see if your alternator belt has snapped, if not then your alternator will have died, get another alternator and belt.

Just cause you got an mot doesn't mean your engine wont blow up. Mot has nothing to do with the condition of the engine only exhaust emissions, when was the last time it had a service?

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Sounds like your alternator has given up - mine did the same while i was on the move, battery light came on, then went off again, thought no more of it till the cd started skipping as i slowed down to come off the motorway. Then the ABS light came on followed by the airbag light. Checked the voltage across the battery while the engine was running, and it was about 9 volts. It should be around 14.

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