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  1. Hi I was driving my 1.4 lupo to work the other day and I noticed the battery light flash on and off a few times it didn't do it again until the next day but when it did the car was fine until I was driving home from work. The battery light flashed for a long time and when I slowed down/stopped the car at traffic lights the intieror lights would flash on and of sometimes my car would almost reset its self, I was then stuck in traffic because of snow when I was on the last road home it was severely icy so I stopped and turned the ignition off, I turned my ignition on again and nothing my car was completely dead, I then got a jump start to get home and then my engine light came on it was confusing as it was only m.o.t'd a month ago now my car wont start at all and starts to make strange noises whenever I have tried to start it again all lights come on, if I put.my key in and turn the lights on the front lights are dim but then interior is fine, if I then turn the ignition on the interior lights turn off, I haven't got a clue what has happened to the car.
  2. Cheers buddy I know some people don't like sticker bombs but I put my own twist on it
  3. picture is small sorry dont know how to enlarge it
  4. my little sticker bomb try i have quite alot of fun with this hope you like
  5. ive just bought another lupo it had the original beta tape player in there, i already had a speaker system a sendai cd789 (its not the best) i had an adapter which came within the box and it fitted perfectly on halfords you can check to see if the stereo fits the lupo, i had a quick look say it will fit but you will need to buy an adapter and the Ariel wire £25 for both
  6. i have the original lupo speakers, and they have a weird clip onto them also there not put in with normal screws, how could i remove them? also i am looking to put speakers in the back where the lupo sport would have them and i would like to know where about have people put the wireing as i can wire but not wanting to take chances?
  7. metalben


    i absolutely love your car mate just had my Lupo destroyed by some idiot thinking i was invisible, if your car is still on here when i get my money i will give you a P.M
  8. looked awesome i was in a black lupo, saw your yellow lupo which i think was lowered and im sure had a checkered print bonnet
  9. can not wait for BF3 might try get it before launch date good job i work in game
  10. putting heavy metal through that would be amazing, looks totaly out of place but hilarious, a great day for you and your mates
  11. any pictures of the interior i am looking some new door cards cant collect
  12. my passenger window has stopped opening, it has worked once since i got the car i have had the door card off and looked at the wires which looked fine, and the switch works i can here it working but the window will not go down it is stuck fully shut i would like to know how this could be fixed as i really want to shout bus ****ers from my car (joke) i need this window fixing, i have a faint idea about wires but the motor may have broke or even the window could be stuck how would i sort this problem
  13. looking to get some deepdish for my lupo hopfully 15" just go the car go a few bumbs and that that need sorting but would love some new alloys for it as mine currently SUCK
  14. im looking for an easy way to put speakers in my boot there 16.5 kenwood but i really dont want to rip my carpet up. any other ways to do this please let me know
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