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newbie keen to replace clutch


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Hi all,

Newbie in cambridgeshire; just got a lupo 1.7; keen to have a go at replacing the clutch myself (probably with the oversight of a mechanically minded friend - the most I've ever done on a car is replace a battery!).

Any advice at all? Does the engine need to come out? (If yes, I'll go buy an engine crane before I get him around...)

I had a search on the forum but couldn't see any descriptions of it - I'll try and take some photos, if anyone has any suggestions as to what else to do/look at while I've got the engine out/while I'm in there, they're most welcome.

No answers too basic! I really know bugger-all about cars!

Many thanks for having such an active forum here,


(PS I have access to a ramp if that helps)

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You will need a ramp. I did mine myself, my mate who's a mechanic had done one before. There's a lot of work involoved really, for someone like yourself, it will take a day! And when you buy a kit, make sure it comes with a releasing bearing as well. I believe they call. Them a three piece kit :)

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your going to take engine out for a clutch ? be easier just do remove the box .. took engine out of mine couple of weeks ago did not use a ramp tho just axle stands be easier with a ramp tho but its a lot work just for a clutch unless your going to do cambelt as well ?.

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bugger, cambelt! no evidence it's been replaced in the service history, thanks so much for mentioning it, I suppose it's off to the garage; not sure I ought to be fiddling with something that involves timing. I'll have to find some other tinkering to do on it, shouldn't be too hard!

Deepest thanks for all your reples, I'd have completely forgotten if it hadn't been mentioned.

Will do the clutch myself if the garage doesn't have time.

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