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Max's clean silver 1.4S (75bhp) red leathers

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Hi, the time has come where I can finally afford the car I wanted to get before I got this so my baby is going up for sale to fund it!

Has been extremely well looked after in my ownership and is in mint condition

After spending a couple of months searching for the right car I found this little gem in Mansfield with a company called 'Small car Company' with FSH HPI clear and 1 woman owner since new, bought the car on 47,348 miles for £2,700 with all purchase receipts to prove.


54k on the clock, will rise as it's daily

2002 1.4S (75bhp) in Reflex Silver

FSH not including this years most recent service as I've done it myself! (service items detailed below) but does include MOT certificate for this year and engine service in march this year


Logbook with FSH included

RECENT SERVICE includes new air filter, fuel filter and oil filter with oil change, a new pencil coil (also have an extra spare included in sale - £20 a piece) as well as new OEM brake disks and pads

(also had an engine service professionally at C-G Autos (10/03/2011) with receipt and stamp to prove)

GEARBOX recon and rebuild 18/02/2011 at 49k miles at the cost of £420 including 2 years warranty (still has 16 months warranty left with cleckheaton gearboxes - with all receipts and warranty slip included

CLUTCH was also replaced with new original VW parts at Rhodes Motors Clutch Specialists in Halifax (14/02/2011) at cost of £280 with receipt to prove and so is good for another 60-70k

RECENT MOT by Charlie Brown's in Halifax literally this weekend gone, flew through and of course have certificate.

SUSPENSION includes £400 AP coilovers (can get you as low as you need and ride very well; from experience with cheap coilovers that I had initially bought) currently fitted to car as well as standard suspension (still in complete working order with all parts boxed and ready to take away

WHEELS include Compomotive TH-monos with good 195/45/15 tyres (4-5mm all round) currently off the car (to avoid road salts and bad weather)

wheel spec is 15x8 et25 with spigots for VW centre bore, have been repolished to mirror finish rather than diamond cut so they are easier to keep clean and IMO look better, these wheels are spotless and dont have a mark on them.

I also still have the original receipt from rimstyle in 09/2010 at the cost of £684 and they are only 13 months old now.

I will also include the original 13" steels and spotless trims, its a set of 5 all with good 175/60/13 tyres on

INTERIOR includes full leather interior worth £1,500; ford RS turbo Recaro front seats and the rest at GTI spec (rear seats, all 4 door cards and parcel shelf) the rear cards have speaker mesh so you can fit rear speakers, I haven't done so), parcel shelf has had the dip/groove filled in and trimmed and looks great. All leather is BMW red nappa with diagonal stitching.

Leather is only about 3 months old and will come with 2 front seat covers

EXTERIOR has a smoothed front bumper reg recess,

legal pressed plates,

rub strips and badges removed, rear badge has been split with black backing painted reflex silver to match car

de-wiper with glass blank at rear and aero wipers up front

rolled and flared arches all round

Paint is very good with only one mark, being on the bootlid next to the window on the passenger side pillar, very small and only noticeable up close and probably wouldnt bother most people but I like things to be clean :P

Roof lining trimmed in black damask and dash trim painted textured dark red to match leather

Sale will include uprated door speakers and unfitted tweeters which are all Alpine IIRC, as well as a 900W EDGE active sub and Kenwood headunit (can find full details if required) - also including original VW 2 part stereo with tape as well as CD player

I've had the chassis notched on drivers side to allow lower ride height without fouling the drive shaft on the chassis, its a really neat job (picture is mid process before corrosion protection was applied so it is now a primer grey colour)


Car has camber shims set at maximum 1.5 degrees fitted on the rear to get the compos tucked in, doesnt effect handling at all, if anything it feels more planted in corners

literally the only bad thing about this car is that the tax is due 31st Nov! :P

Car is spotless inside and out, feels solid as a rock and runs great as its very well looked after and whenever a problem arises its fixed ASAP

Price is £4,000


How it will look when you turn up (i.e winter mode :D)


Interior shots






Car shots




only shot I have from back end to show all reds, dewiper and colour coded badge :S






If you want pictures of anything else give me a shout and I'll get them for you



No rush for sale, no timewasters

RING 07812212822 or reply on here or PM since I'm on pretty much every day anyway



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Oh no can't believe your selling it Max!

Such a great car, who ever buys this will be really pleased with it! Those seats are great!

Good luck with the sale mate!


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