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New member and looking for a lupo :D!

Amy Louise

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Im hoping to pass my driving test in 2 months ( fingers crossed) and ive had my eyes on lupos for a few months now. im 17 and i know insurance will be an arm and a leg but im hoping ill be able to get one. my nana buys my car (no, im not spoilt) and shes giving me £3500, i know that should be enough to get me a nice car :D! i have no idea about cars and im not joking! my boyfriend is in to his cars so im slowly learning from him! any advice anyone can give me will be a HUGE help!

so yeah, drop me a message with some advice or anything :D!


amyyy :D!!

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Hi and welcome.

1.0 is a good starting point, but don't rule out the 1.4 (non Sport) as the insurance isn't much higher than the 1.0. If you can find one the SE comes with a nice interior and very nice alloy wheels.

You should also be able to get a TDI for that money, so I would recommend checking that for insurance too as it's £35 per year tax.

Good luck with your search.

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Well you've made a good decision already Loops are brilliant little cars and im sure with that kind of budget you'll find something tidy.

Only bit of advice I would say is check the mileage and if it is a little bit travelled just make sure the cambelt has been done within a decent timescale.

One of the best things about owning a lupo is this forum ;)

This place is great for finding out information or getting guides on how to do things.

Its a nice little community so if you cant find anything or need some advice on something not covered just ask

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its just looking for one that will still be there when i past my test, like i have no idea how fast they sell or anyhting like that! and id hate to fall in love with one and then it sell :(!

i know cus would come down with me, he doesnt want me getting a ****ty one and since you know about lupos and that, i guess you can come along to :P!! hahahahaaa

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