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    Slammed black Audi A3 2.0 TDi
  1. cus

    New member and looking for a lupo :D!

    i dont really know what i want to do yet liam.. gonna get the wheel bearings sorted first i think! then see how i feel
  2. you now have 30... you luckyy boy :D!!

  3. wants to swap his audi a3 for a lupo gti :$

  4. i've still only got 15 views lol! :(

  5. im only on your profile so you have more then 15 views <3 :)

  6. cus

    Louies gti

    oh, and my number is 07816940769
  7. cus

    Louies gti

    i paid 6600 in december, but i'm willing to come to some sort of deal. it obviously has stone chips on the bonnet etc due to the mileage. its got a brand new turbo with a year warranty on it tires on the back are going to get replaced at the end of the month will come with 1 years mot at the end of the month 6 months tax at the end of the month only problem is that it needs the rear wheel bearings replacing. not because they are worn, but because the abs rings are attached the back of them, bringing up the warning light. its something that has been there since i bought it, and hasn't bothered me. i can get them for £53 each though, so not breaking the bank! just something that i've never really bothered with lol its had regular oil and filter changes, full vw service history up until i bought it. and then me and a mate from falcon performance has serviced it since. just had the oil/filter and fuel filter replaced when i replaced the turbo (with help from a skoda technician) all in all, its a pretty nice car, and i love it to bits. but i just fancy a change. i've done what i want with it (seats, door cards, coilovers etc) but after looking at yours, i know you will make this a3 something special! i've got your number, and i work in hartlepool during the week, if you can get there anytime? i'm really interested in the lupo, its something small, nippy, and well looked after. has the cambelt/water pump being done on it?
  8. cus

    Louies gti

    i'm from middlesbrough, north east in teesside
  9. cus

    Louies gti

    some pics of it on the merc rims. sorry they aren't very good :$ just needs some 15mm's on the back really, and reckon it would fill the arches perfectly! genuine merc ml rims..
  10. cus

    Louies gti

    hmm.. i have a black audi a3 2.0 tdi, new shape..... could come to a deal? it'll come with 1 years mot and 6 months tax at the end o this month.. full audi service history. since i've had it, its been serviced every 6-8k miles. its got 121k on the clock, ice breaker! but drives like new (skoda technician took it out for a drive and was really impressed with the way it drove!) mostly motorway miles as i do 60 miles a day minimum fk silverline x coilovers (£950!) black merc ML 17" 8.5" wide wheels subaru impreza seats front and back (one off) sat nav cruise control traction control abs etc.. split front lights and sprayed inside of them black (one off?) sprayed the front grill decatted exhaust / straight through from turbo back polished inlet mani black s-line doorcards with red lights in the handles auto locking/unlocking doors bmc air filters. very nice car, but i want a toy now, as i needed a diesel for my job (60 motorway miles a day minimum! ) always polished and treated with autoglym HD wax as well. let me know anyway btw, doesn't come with the bbs ch's anymore! merc ML wheels instead

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