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How To - Fitting TT Knee Rests

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This how-to is for anyhone that would like to know the ins and outs of fitting Audi TT Knee Rests into their Lupo.

This is how your dash will look like as standard...


Pull towards yourself on the "coin holder" at the top to remove this.


The surround on the heater controls will now pull off also exposing the torx bolts behind it...


Undo the 6 torx bolts pictured (4 on heater control surround and 2 on mounting bracket behind at the top)

Remove the heater surround facia frame and pull on the lower buttons to remove these, there is also 2 more torx bolts here that can be removed to open up the entire part of your lower dash.


If possible get someone to hold the knee rest in place at your desired location.

I positioned the curved part at the top of the rest with the similarly curved part of the underside of the dash, this seems to be a good mounting point for the best position of the rest.

With th mount held in place (and the locator spikes removed (pull out)) use a pen or sharp object to mark where the hole for the mounting lug needs to go.

With this marked on you can then drill the hole through the plastic on your dash.

Mine is positioned as far forward as it can go without jeapordising the structure of the dash and sits inbetween the mounting bracket inside the lower dash.


The hole for this needs to be equal to the outer diameter of the mounting lug, you may need to work the drill a bit to open up the hole so the mounting lug sits snug, the more snug the better.

Once this was drilled I then placed the rest into this hole and positioned it so that I could drill the second hole for the rear mounting point.


A quick mock up showed that the 2 mounting points were in place correctly and ready to be screwed in.

I have used stainless caphead bolts for these with nylock nuts, the problem I came across was that I needed a washer small enough so that the nut would not go through it, but big enough so that the bolt would tighten up and it would sit sturdy with the inside of the plastic lower dash.

I ended up using 2 washers to do this as I couldnt find the right size in my tool box.

So in summary...

Place the knee rest into position (get someone to hold it if possible) put your stainless caphead through the mounting point, place the larger washer on first, then the smaller, then the nut, tighten accordingly, repeat for the rear.

The mouting point that is closest to the seat on mine hasnt been put in yet as my seats are out of a 5 door and dont slide very easily, but these are still very strong even with only 3 bolts in at one end.

End result...



Any questions feel free to ask me :)


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