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Silver Lupo Sport On Porsche Teledias FOR SALE! 12 Months Mot And 6 Months Tax!

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How is your brake light on the rear Black mate? looks good!

how as in how did i do it or how as in how bright is it when the brake lights on?

its black because i masked it up and lightly sprayed it with tint spray from ebay.

the black doesnt affect any light coming through. :)

Cheers bro!

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Lupo 2002 on a 51 plate,

3 previous owners, (stayed in that one family for 10 years)

Full service history,


24 led sidelights,

Heated wingmirrors,

Driver and passenger airbags

Loads of recipts,

£600 Toad alarm,

Adjustable front camber bolts,

4 Brand new Yokohoma parada spec 2’s,

PCD adapters (5x130-4x100) 25mm on the front 14mm on the back, I Think they’re H&R,

Porsche teledials (all 4 kerbed and in need of a referb but all are straight and true),

One off custom stainless 4-2-1 manifold what has been heat wrapped, ( I have the original manifold)

Decat welded in, (I have the original cat)

Pro Street coilovers,

Greenstuff brakepads all around,

Grooved and drilled front disc,

Carbon wrapped door trim and vw badges front and back and heater surround,

Indicators are in the fog lights,

All sub wires in place (no subs though),

Cold air feed in original indicator hole, (I still have the original indicator to put back to normal)

I just had a new head gasket,

New cambelt,

Brand new front wishbones,

New clutch,

New wheel bearings,

Lupo Gti Seats,

2 keys 2 alarm fobs 1 plastic key for cutting,

Pressed dutch plates, ( i have the original plates)

Mercedes numberplate surrounds,

Upper doorcards have been retrimmed in black faux swede,

Kenwood double din cd player,

Vibe front component speakers and tweeters,

Wind deflectors,

Rear light indicators have been sprayed,

De-bumpstrips.(i have the original bumpstrips)

Brand new nearside wingmirror from VW £195,

Rear wiper removed,(i have the original wiper and motor)

Front headlights tinted inside,

Front foglights have been wrapped in “flyeyeskit” to make them blend in along with the indicators,

Bad Stuff

Nearside wing has little dent in,

Nearside door needs a light respray (or just put the bump strip back on)

Nearside rear quarter pannel has a 2 slight delts in,

Driverside door strap broke,

Rear bumper has a few chips out of the paint,

Where the wheels are so wide they stick out the front arches about a inch each side and have been rubbing some plastic away and scrub a little bit on full lock,

Ive rolled the rear arches slightly for the big wheels and the paint has cracked and bubbled so the 2 rear arches could benefit with a respray,

Roof Is slightly scratched from surfboard on a roofrack,

Where coilovers are wound so far up they creek a little,

Viewing recommended, any questions please feel free to contact me on 07966546936 (best to text first as i work weird hours) this is a lovely car and has never let me down or broke down on me. Test drives welcome on insurance provided for the car, no tyre kickers.

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Do you still have the Sport wheels?

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