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OK so I said good bye to the Fox yesterday


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Yes "the defende of the Fox" is Foxless I got my new car yesterday. I was sad to see the Fox go, it had taken me around everywere for three years.

I now have some accessorys for sale, I will put the items in the market place.

Thanks for all the help I have had though the three years.

Also if your in Notts and see an 07 Fox for sale with a club lupo sticker in the window it will probs be my old one.

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ahhh shame, well theres no need to leave the forum mate youre more than welcome to keep in touch and partake in lupo/fox/motor banter. what did you get then?

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Nice polo!

oh, and you said the fox is one of the best cars you've driven? what else have you drove :lol:

To give the Fox it's due, it is a good car for the money, you could say it was like the price of a second hand car but it was new and it is a VW.

I have driven a Fiat Punto (not a bad engine) it started to fall apart , the Fox was solid. Also the best car I have driven in snow.

Anyway I have moved on now.

Marcusgrant is that your car outside the Megulars factory ?

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