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Lupo cut out and now wont start, help please


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So, The good trusty Lupo 1.4 cut out over the weekend while I was driving it and will not start at all now. When i put the ignition on i get no EML light or abs lights and i cant for the life of me remember if it was always like that. Hopefully someone will tell me? Anyway, I have not found any blown fuses and cannot connect to the ECU via the OBD so im guessing it could be immobiliser related. Can anybody tell me if i can change the small black immobiliser box without have to get it coded to the key chip or is it plug and play to test it?


Any comments or advice are welcome

I have heard talk of an ECU immobiliser off mod?

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If it doesn't even try and start then cuts out, then not the imobiliser. 

Total shut down while driving sounds like it might be the crank sensor or main engine loom power bus (possibly caused by a relay or ignition switch). It should at least try and start for a moment if it's the immobiliser. Diagnostics are always available no matter which key you use. So if no OBD, most likely an electrical power supply issue.

Are you getting ignition when cranking (try with all plugs out)? If no, then most likely above idea. If yes, then it's a fuelling problem.

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You could try this (it’s not a permanent fix btw) take the lower cover off the steering column and give the plug on the back of the ignition barrel a wiggle and make sure its plugged in all the way whilst having the key on accessory (the click before crank) if the dash comes back to life chances are it’s the ignition switches.

If it doesn’t change anything idk what it could be this is just from my own experience and I’m not a mechanic

I’ve done this on my mk1 Seat Arosa and it got it going again.

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Thanks for the replies. There is no spark when it is turning over and no smell of fuel either, I cant hear the fuel pump prime the system up either anymore. Will give the ignition switch a try


I have checked all the fuses which test ok but have yet to test that they actually have power going to them, trying to check the relays but they seem to be a nightmare to get to, i have dropped the bolts out of the fuse board but am struggling to move it out of the way enough to get my hands in

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