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Wishbones v wheelbase

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Posted on another one of my threads but probably better to start a new one. Lupo 2318mm wheel base Arosa 2323mm?? Where the 5mm at? 
After putting my suspension back together on my Tdi Arosa with my new ‘lupo’ wishbones I noticed the nsf making a noise and found out that the drive shaft is catching the subframe only on braking when the suspension is compressed. I’ve temporarily set the track control arms but my steering wheel can’t be set level. Any ideas? 

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Ride height... If the rear is lowered a bit, the back wheels go backward extending the static wheelbase. And vice-versa. Disregard, as they're the exact same car platform and approval type.

There's a how-to or something on here to set up the front suspension on Lupos/Arosa :) 


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I don’t have an answer to the drive shaft striking the subframe when it didn’t touch before I fitted new wishbones. Unfortunately the old ones have been weighed in to do an accurate comparison 

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Well I’m glad this is not my only car as its been ages since I started the ‘wishbone’ research....

Anyway the answer I discovered to my head bashing problem was definitely the wishbones, as I’ve found out there are two types, early and late, I was supplied early ones by the look of it from a seller on eBay, it was  too late to refund them as I bought them months ago so I’ve a spare set now. 

   The difference is 8mm in length from the front bush to the bottom ball join, going in a transverse direction. 

luckily local GSF motor factors  had some in stock. This time the NS drive shaft clears the subframe on heavy braking and opposite rotation on reversing. 
 Now to play the ‘tracking’ game! 

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