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Lowered Lupo 1.0E for sale

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Lupo 1.0 E

MOT: July 15th 2021

Engine size: 1.0 mpi AUC

Fuel type: petrol

This is my Lupo 1.0 E for sale. Its currently sat on J.O.M blueline coilovers at 3.5inch front ground clearance and Nankang NS-2R Road legal track tyres (handles much better than original setup). 

December 2020 saw the cylinder head removed and skimmed/pressure tested. All the valves were replaced as it had burned out a couple of the exhaust valves. At the same time it had all 8 valve guides replaced and the valves were triple cut on the seats just because I could. The camshaft had to have the journals re-profiled as they were slightly scored too. When it was put back together the timing belt was replaced along with the head gasket, head bolts, timing belt, tensioner, water pump and auxiliary belt. So the top of the engine is essentially fully rebuilt. I can 100% assure that the valve train is totally solid!

since the repairs (that cost me well in excess of £500) were done I have done around 4000 miles of trouble free motoring. The Tyres were changed in Feb of this year so there's lots of life left on those with them only seeing around 1800 miles since fitting. 

it also has 2300k Road legal yellow H4's fitted and a usable Bluetooth stereo. 

interior is what you would expect from a standard 1.0E .... Billy basic! Has a toad alarm fitted which works well but the central locking works on the key from the drivers door only and not on the fob (something to do with a lock servo or something) but it can all be locked manually. Since having the lower door hinge done on the drivers door the interior light hasn't worked when opening that door. I do have a spare door lock mech though but I can't be bothered to swap it.

Overall it's an honest car with some age related battle scars, small dents, scratches and general things expected on a 16 year old car. 


Location: Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Forgot to add the mileage. Its just under 78k. Engine work was around 73-74k 

Price: £950 strictly no offers 

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Forgot mileage
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The head before it went on the car....Screenshot_20210428-020647_WhatsApp.thumb.jpg.572342c9a424017e468a37843a53d45c.jpgScreenshot_20201215_002125_com.android.gallery3d.thumb.jpg.44747d5e3a08a9f320d855419aab70a7.jpg.8d1311c2dd79c08b16b5b23b4a59536a.jpg


As it was when it came off the car ....Screenshot_20210428-020424_WhatsApp.thumb.jpg.28b5ae367806b59ba3197d347fdd796a.jpg


And during reassemble as you can see a new water pump in the depths. Screenshot_20201215_002051_com.android.gallery3d.thumb.jpg.69b0a9def20e2f5f963d2adb0384043b.jpg.b9a29445f8ccb787114b45de0d683620.jpg

Just to show that it has been done as I have a tendency to not keep reciepts. 

All the machining work was done at Foxwood Diesel in Chesterfield (just about the best machine shop round here for refacing heads). 

May have some receipts for some of the work that has been done since October last year when I got the car. However it owes me almost £1400 to date. 

I'm really not in a rush to sell as it mainly shares time between the garage, the driveway and the odd runs out places now again at present. Just a little awkward having 4 cars and the smaller one (the lupo) usually gets put in a corner somewhere until I get bored of the others.

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