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The original spoiler on my 2006 Gti (ex-Japan) was badly bubbled when I bought the car in 2018.  Eventually, I tried to resolve the situation by replacing with a new genuine factory spoiler, and had it painted by a bodyshop which I know to be competent. However, within one year I noticed some micro-blistering on the spoiler and, along with some other cosmetic work, the bodyshop has just re-done it . . . and even only a day or two later, I've got micro- blisters again.

I've enquired again about the possibility of wrapping the spoiler, but the prospects are not good, and exact match with L041 is not feasible. 

A couple of people now have contended that the problem will always recur if new paint is oven dried.  Does anyone here have experience please of success with air drying?

Many thanks.




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So what i ended up doing at the time was get a brand new spoiler. Leave in a nice dry dehumidified enviroment (for about a year) and the get it repainted and the issue has not reoccured.

What i think has happned is when your new spoiler it must of been left in a damp ish enviroment and once heat applied etc the blisters/bubbles occured.

I think the best way forward is to sand it down and again leave it in a dry dehumidified enviroment. Then prime/repaint one year later.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response - much appreciated. What you suggest is pretty much what I did when I received the new spoiler, (supplied ex-factory in primer), though I didn't have the patience to wait a whole year before getting it on and painted!  Before I retired, I worked for quite a few car manufacturers and, ironically, frequently found that over a long term, paint would remain in better shape on 'plastic' spoilers and such-like other ancillary body parts.  Volkswagen certainly managed to creative a distinctive anomaly with this spoiler - I know of many owners who have all had similar experiences.



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