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Oh no, one of my Lupos has developed a rumble...

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Need to go and check it. I'm praying that it's not the gearbox, especially after I had it rebuilt only 3000 miles ago.

Symptoms are that it makes a very slight rumbling in 4 and 5th. Not when cornering or speed dependent. So I don't think it's a CV joint or a front wheel bearing. My hunch is diff. I'm gonna check for any play in the output flanges (there should be none).

No whine to speak of, just the very faint whining they all do as they age. 

I did just put new tyres on the front a week ago. I don't believe tyres can be causing it. But still that car ain't moving an inch till I been over it. And just renewed the insurance. Sigh.

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Not the cv joints.

And OMG what a lot of gear slop in Neutral; I dunno if normal, but lift one wheel off the ground to check the diff- i could spin mine abiut a quarter turn before it took up the slack. Not much different in 4th, which is gear right on the output shaft.

Anyone know of a spare SDI box going cheap (from a Polo will also be ok)?

Next job- drain oil and pull off the end cover to see if there's any bearing slop in the output shaft...

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I ask myself the same question daily... sadly, not just one Lupo either.

Oh, and the noise was the new tyres. Hangs head in shame. The newish tyres had developed tread triangulation somehow (each 'lump' of tread had turned into a wedge). Each triangle side was slapping the road, a bit like how off road tyres sound on road. That characteristic hum. So swapping them left to right cured it.

Mechanically everything is just fine thankfully. Still can't belive that the gearbox has so much slop in it.

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