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Problems starting - only when cold

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My 1.4 Lupo is having a hard time starting when cold.

The engine dies at once the first time I turn the key. The second time I turn the key the engine dies a second later than the first time. The third time still a little later, until after maybe five times it doesn't die. The idle is very unstable, and the engine dies if I press the throttle.

Once I get to this stage that the engine idles and doesn't die, I have to wait half a minute or so before I can drive from the parking lot without the engine dying.

This happens every time I start the car when the engine is cold. But there are no problems starting if the engine is warm. I can drive a few minutes then park and start the engine without any problems 30 minutes later. I have not noticed any problems while driving.

Where should I start looking?

Anyone experienced the same symptom?

I don't have anything to read fault codes with.

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Temp sensor? Most likely. It's a fuelling fault, where the mixture is leaning out. The ecu in it's wisdom has decided to provide the wrong amount of fuel injection...

Throttle sensor (TPS)? Vacuum/manifold leak? Sticky fuel pressure regulator? Fuel pump? Fuel filter?

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Thank you mk2!

Looking at this video about replacing the temperature sensor, I realized that I have replaced it once many years ago. I will give it a try once I have found a new sensor.


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