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Trying to find seat covers for my Seat.

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First of all, I've found that searching for anything seat related for my SEAT give Google a hard time. Fun.

Both the front and rear seats in my Arosa are stained all over from previous owners and I'm really not a fan of their pattern - I'd prefer plain black or black & dark grey. The previous owner had gotten some really cheap Lupo covers expecting them to fit and kinda roushed them on so I re-fit them, swapping the driver's and passenger's around as the release lever is lower on Arosa seats, cutting my own slits in the correct place. Thing is, they're falling apart and will not stay in place due to rips and whatnot.

In my own attempt to look for new covers, I always get ones that supposedly fit Lupos and Arosas which we know won't do. I'm wondering if y'all know of any I can order online that will actually fit my car? Something simple and clean?

Thanks 🙂

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New seats.

Often very cheap and you can always strip and wash them?

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Ah okay, new Arosa seats or should I get something else? I'll have to look up if they ever made an Arosa with plain seats, and then if I could find them...

The first thing I did when I got the car was thouroughly wash it inside and those stains, let alone the patterns, aren't budging.

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