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Thank you for the information, gentlemen.  My English is at a basic level, so sometimes I have to ask a few more questions.  I will order the link you provided with this seal.  Just how do you pat it without removing the screw under the roof?  I would not like to move the headliner.


This antenna from the link will be good?  It is original.  So just replace it without any additional power connections?



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Just stretch it over the base. No need to remove headliner  or the base screw.

No connections needed

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Yes, I will do as you write, but ...


The old gasket is missing in some places.  And now should I cut this old seal so that it is not everywhere outside?


And in the new seal, should the agent be cut out?  Because this agent comes under the antenna.  And if I stretch it, it will bother me.  I mean what in the picture is green.



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55mm x 48mm so measure the base

It is flexible and you may warm it in hot water to stretch it

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