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Lupo common parts swap!

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Hello Guys

just wondering if anybody could make a short list for me. I am just wondering what parts can be swapped between lupo models to help a lower model out. I come from a Mk4 golf background so I am talking the likes of Brake swaps, hub swaps, exhausts


 cheers in advance for any input 

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If you punch in the part numbers in these web sites, they show you all the common models... there are a lot of common parts. Loads....



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Hey Smudger - Lupo's are pretty odd, they are a lot polo, but have bits of Mk2, Mk3 & Mk4 Golfs thrown in too

Gti stuff can be used, but they have a few unique foibles in suspension, the track is wider  - quite a few dealer only parts that are kinda pricey that it makes my tame TPS guy blush.  Sport stuff are easier to adapt to lower level Lupo's.

it may be more than you are looking for, but Polo Gti 16v conversion is popular, but you need to replace the loom throughout the car

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Cheers Lr5v. Are the same guy on mkiv owners?

the cars a 1.0 for my daughter and I am looking for a 1.4tdi for me. 

I was mainly thinking to update the braking system on the 1.0 for my daughter. So was wondering what’s compatible. Seen on here that you need 1.4 hubs to fit anything larger than the 1.0 standard setup

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