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Lupo 3L mapping

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Hello everyone,

I have a Lupo 3L, and i am experimenting with remapping it.

I use Galletto 4 to read and write, and  VAG suite to change the Maps.

i changed the  torque map - Driver wish map - turbo limit and smoke limiter.

Also put a faster injection time by 5% and duration by 10%

anyone know if the IQ by map Limiter map should be changed aswell ?

Now i have less consumptopn bcs the EGR is off, but cant really feel much power increase.

Maybe still some limting Map i didnt changed correctly ?

Also i dont understand where i can find the mapping for the ECO-Mode.

Maybe someone knows more than me and can help me.

Its really fun to learn how everything works and than seeing the results by testing.




lupo3l.rar Lupo 3l remap3.rar

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Changing the IQ wont give you more power, unless you change the boost pressure. If you can up the boost a little, afterwards you can increase the IQ. You can set the injection quantity amount until you 'begin' to see smoke. But you need a TUV testing system to check the exhaust gas, so it is still ok, and will pass :)

I would not change the injection timing. Use a boost gauge...

Are you still using the standard semi auto gearbox?


welcome to club lupo!

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yes its the standart gearbox.


TÜV is no problem, as the car wont pass TÜV anyway i think, haha. The car is more or less my testing object, I have now 320.000km, so smoke is no problem.

so if i raise the degree of SFI, it will inject earlier ? do i understand it ? so i increase the injection time and also let begin the injection earlier?

and if i increase the degree of Ijection duration, it will inject longer time, right ?

also need to increase the axes of IQ rigt ?

somehow i cant find the injection voltage map .

- smoke limiter -> increase IQ, also axes

- boost limit -> increase 

- boost correction by temp. ? i guess no need to change

- expected fuel temperature, also no need.

- MAF correction. same..

- SOI limiter -> maybe a bit higher

- torque limiter -> increase

- Driver wish -> increase (also increase axis )

- EGR -> all up to 1000 = EGR off

- MAP linearization -> i guess need to change sth. bcs of the higher IQ, but i dont know how.

- N75 -> no really need to chande, but would like to understand how it could be optimized

- IQ by MAP limiter -> increase both axes

- boost map -> no need to change


is this right so far, or did i forget sth ?

would like to know much i can increase SFI and injection duration

Thanks !!




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It is difficult to make small improvements without machinery to measure it...

injection duration doesn't matter. Use the standard map. Injection start, standard. Temp and air pressure adjustments to fuelling, standard. Leave torque limiter to normal- it stops the gearbox breaking. All the corrections leave as normal.

Only things to change are boost and IQ.

Think like a bicycle pedal- you want maximum cylinder pressure when the pedal is horizontal. If you inject too early, the pressure is high too early and you make the engine hot. If you burn later, you lower the torque. The trick is to get the timing and pressure at just the right moment (measure by experiment). Same like with petrol engines. It changes with load and revs.

But you wont get much more power from the small engine, because the valve timing and cylinder size is fixed. If you increase boost, you need to inject later because the mix burns faster when at higher pressure. But the pressure wave changes shape and you run out of burn time before you get to about 120 degrees past top centre. So you only waste fuel and make more smoke (white unburnt fuel). You need smaller cylinders and more. Like 1L V8, then you can rev higher and get more power.

320k km!!! Wow! Original timing chain and tensioner?

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Thank you very much for your respond, now i understand it better.

tensioner is original, changed the belt every 90k km and changed the cylinder head casket 30k km ago.

not really changing oil.... just change the filter sometimes, and it runs and runs.

so if i tell u that i only could feel a power increase when i changed injection timing ?

i think 100HP is possibel with original motor parts. i wanna reach sth about 90-95 hp.

doesent matter if it make much smoke, usually i drive in eco mode, just sometimes i wanna have ab bit fun while driving.

downhill i reach 195kp/h with original settings (tacho) consumption is about 3,5 liters with 120 kp/h

As i shut down EGR, i reach 3 Liters at 110 kp/h

have to tell that i throw about 150 kg out of the car.


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Bigger injectors? (Bigger nozzles). More fuel, more quickly. More time to burn. Higher pressure to push piston down.... more smoke. I don't think you will get more power. Only more torque at higher revs. A flat torque curve which is good for accelaration. Feels good too- Like an electric car.

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I havnt looked at this stuff for ages but I'd recommend starting again on stock map as you have made lots of changes and are seeing no real results and messing with IQ requires calculations not just slapping numbers in or altering them by %. Your maps arent showing btw so cant look at them.

You didnt mention SVBL or boost limit map which is likely why you arent seeing much difference, look at the main limiting maps and find the one with the lowest IQ or boost that is what is holding you back at that particular point. There is free power in the stock maps without touching SOI etc plus as said IQ needs to be calculated. 

There are some good guides about if you can find them.


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thanks for the answers. I done a new remapping, now the max speed increased 10 kp/h, and more power at low rpm is feelable. but still sth is restraining power at higher rpm.


i changed injection duration, SOI, Boost limit, Smoke limiter, torque limiter, SVBL also changed. Driver wish changed,


also need to change SOI limiter ? 

i dont understand what unit this is ? i guess i dont need to change anything here.



this also, no need to change i guess.




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here i need to increase the axis, right ? up to the max IQ i wanna reacive





and here increase the  x-axis to the max boost i wanna have, right ?



here i need to increase the boost and the x-axis, right ?


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Get a cheap pressure gauge for a few euros. 0-3bar is easily enough. Then you can watch what is really happening. 

Like @Sausage says, you need to adjust the boost limit (BL) map or you'll blow the headgasket again. Remember that there is a stoichiometric limit, so don't go above about 10... ~14 parts air to 1 part fuel. If you go 10:1, you could get fuelling lock at max injection, then the engine will break. Liquid diesel will not compress.

Lots of pics of your car? :)


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Yes some need extra columns and rows, or you have to alter existing values instead:

My boost target map (svbl limits it below 2.4 mind)



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When you get your boost working make sure your torque map is conservative, the 3L has preengagement on the clutch and it will slip way earlier than a manual converted 3L but 100HP should be no real problem from stock engine

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Thank you!

still have problems to get the power.

i think its necessary to extend the injection time. And if i so i need also a earlier injection time ?

so higher degree means a earlier injection time ?

Or should i change the MAF linearisation, so the ecu thinks it has to inject more fuel ?

lupo 8.bin

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