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Will a 1.4 8v flexi pipe and cat will a 16v Sport?

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Hi guys, I’ve got a 1.4S and the whole centre pipe and cat has rusted away, the back box on it is new however. 

Ive seen 8v centre pipe and cats for the £50 mark, much below the £210 I was quoted by the garage.

my question to you guys is will a 8V centre pipe (flexi pipe and cat) fit on a 1.4 sport 16v?

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Of course not.

Stop and think about these things.

Go look at them both and see what is different

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@Green16VLupo welcome to club lupo! :)

if the back box is the right one = 55mm diameter (i think), then you need the right setup. But sometimes dodgy garages fit backboxes from 1L which are smaller. But it depends if you're gonna keep the car for a while- it's worth spending a little more and having a nice new one which will guarantee you'll always pass the MOT (in case there are any future power 'alterations' to the engine....).

A reasonable certified after market cat is only maybe £15-25 more if you look around. The best are 'blue angel' but they cost a fair bit more.

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