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I have had my '52 Yellow Lupo Sport for approx. 10 yrs and now on 68k. I have always maintained, servicing, rust, etc apart from cambelts every 4-5yrs and new clutch and pedal box about 3 yrs ago all which the local garage did. For the last 3 yrs it has struggled to get through the emissions at MOT time. As the garage know me they have been really good and persevered getting the engine really hot, and it then passes ! When it is really hot it sails through the emissions. I have always periodically thoroughly cleaned the throttle body / airbox and it runs on NGK plugs. Occasionally the check engine light comes on and I either have to thrash it  up to work on Shell V-Power or BP Optimax garage 60 miles on the motorway or stick some Catclean through it on 1/4 tank, sometimes I just clear the fault code and it's fine. The garage thought that it might be due to an exhaust leak where the middle section meets the backbox and don't think that it is that  To try and avoid the same issue this year does anyone have any ideas what the cause could be ? Many thanks

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I have only ever had one replaced in 10 yrs, so maybe. But I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced the same issues rather than replacing parts as a trial and see

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