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Looking for the engine number on an AVY!


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Hi all,

I went to register my import GTI last Friday, but they couldn't complete the process because they couldn't find the engine number :censored:

Does anyone know where it's located, and if it's possible to view it without removing parts of the car? If not I'll have to take enough bits off so they can see it, or get a letter confirming the number from a main dealer! :wtf:


Thanks in advance!

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You'd need to remove some ancillaries to get sight of the number, (on the block), but . . . when my Japan-import Gti was registered they simply entered the Engine Code, i.e. AVY in the P.5 field.  I'd suspect that this one of those data entry issues where as long as there's a value entered there's no validation done to check if it's configured correctly or is of the expected length.  Good Luck!

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Hi, thanks for the reply!

I'm in Ireland, and here we have two different organisations involved in import registration. The National Car Testing Service examine vehicles presented for import, and then pass the details on to the Revenue Commissioners for entry on the National Vehicle Database, so I'd say they they're told to be sure they have the full number. The NCTS guy said they needed evidence of the number anyway, so this could be fun!!

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Dang! - that's tricky and inconveniently pedantic.

Just for comparison purposes, the engine number of my MY 2005 Gti (Japan) is 034227.

Do you have the original Jap service book/manual?  If you do, check the front section (0503.553.190.70)* inside rear cover.  This includes some fill-in data boxes - the third line of these would include the engine number (after prefix AVY) if the supplier bothered to make entries.

Here's hoping.


*Maybe different number depending on MY


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Thanks for the brilliant replies guys! I found the engine code on the cam cover, in the service book, and just about on the block!

And thankfully they all match :lol:

So all good - they were happy enough with the info supplied, car is finally registered :) Thanks for everything guys!

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