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Lupo 1.4 tdi sport front struts and springs


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Soooo, I want to take out my coilovers and replace them with the originals or as near to them as possible. I was advised that the back ones could be taken out no problem and a replacement would not be needed but apparently the front strut and things will be needed to be changed or altered, I'm not sure what is needed to be done. I just want to take out both rear and front coilovers and get it back to sitting at normal height, what is needed to be done and bought thankyou!!

Will other models of lupos have similar parts that I need?

p.s it is a 1.4 vw lupo tdi sport 2003

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You will need a spring and shock absorber for each corner and spring compressor to fit the front springs onto the front shocks.

The rears are easy to fit and pretty straightforward. 

Fitting the front involves disturbing the camber settings and this will need setting back up correctly along with the tracking.

i managed to get my camber fairly accurately at home but ideally you would need a garage with the right equipment.

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