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Arosa mk2 brake question

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I'm curious about two thing's in my arosa and I hope someone could help me. I changed brake pads and discs. Choosed TRW kit  - 256mm discs and 119/69.5/16 pads. What I think is wrong is that there's a lot of space between the pad and brake disc center. I searched on internet and founded pictures where it look's the same but I don't know if it needs to be like that.

I have two arosas. On one brakes work perfect but on the other one it isn't ''touching'' all of the brake disc surface.

Here are the brakes on both of mine arosas - (both uses same parameter pads and discs)

The second question (as you can see in the image) is that - how the brake carrier should look like? When I bought them on one the brake carrier looked up but on other it looked down (red circle in pictures)

Maybe it would be would be easier if someone posted image of his own TDi lupo/arosa front brakes. 

Thank you.











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looks fine except where some kid has scribbled on your discs

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