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exterior door handles not sitting correctly

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Hello forum.

A few days ago i removed the door handles to my lupo to paint them. I put them back into the door. But the handle sits alittle out from where it should. Everything works. Locks, and opens. 

Any ideas whats wrong ?


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Sorry, I missed this thread I would have replied earlier.

The handle has come off the retaining clips. When you put it back on it, it's not possible to make it sit correctly unless you adjust these clips again.

Take the door card off, look up and you'll see the retainer clip, which looks a bit like this:





I doubt that looks right on a phone but looks okay on this pc lol.

You need to pull the clip over the top of the handle, then it will tense up correctly. I really can't explain in any other way. Without doing it though, it'll never get the correct tension and you may one day struggle to open the door (just a warning).

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