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The time has finally came around to start properly looking in the market for a gti I've been looking for a couple of months so understand the prices but wasn't in the position to buy one but now I'm pretty much ready to buy one I've got a few months before my insurance ends on my current car so in not in a rush :-) some criteria 

Black,Grey,Red and Raven Blue are the colours I'm only interested in.

6 speed is essential 

so what's out there? :-)


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2003 Raven Blue Lupo GTI 125Bhp 6 Speed

Here is my well loved Lupo GTI

5 Months MOT

No Modifications Mechanical or Cosmetic

Mileage is 134,000
I've spent a lot of time and around £5000 on this car.


Bad point -
Paint is as to be expected on a 13 year old car.

slight judder on acceleration due to a cam cover gasket (easy fix but no time or money to do so)

Underneath the car is solid as a rock

will provide some spare parts if required.

Will be a shame to see this go due to an upgrade but I've been as honest with the ad as I can, any questions please ask

Sold As Seen
£3250 O.N.O










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