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Monitor Adivce.

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Hi Everyone,
I currently have a Macbook Pro Retina and I use it for doing web browsing, videos, editing photos in lightroom and I'm just starting out in video editing too!
However I'm now looking to up my game and go for a monitor i can attach my Macbook Pro to. However Im also in the market for a new a TV at the same time, so I'm looking to see if its possible to maybe just buy one all singing all dancing monitor that can suit all needs. Here are what i need it to have / what i want to use it for.
-Macbook Pro Retina attached via Thunderbolt port
-Virgin Media Tivo Box attached via HDMI
-Amazon TV (Kodi) attached via HDMI
-PS4 for gaming attached via HDMI
-Finally id like it to have the possibility to have a windows PC Attached also as i'm currently building a high-power PC to run CAD software.
I've been looking at possibly something like the LG 34" Ultra Wide monitors etc however unsure what this would be like using it TV wise etc.
So peoples thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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So port wise you need


1* Vga (computer screen)

3* hdmi (maybe more?)

1* thunderbolt port?


With the thunderbolt port. It maybe easier getting a thunderbolt to hdmi (or vga) adapter. I don't recall many companies supplying tvs with thunderbolt ports attached as standard. (Macs are not common as pc's go) Eg http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Mini-DisplayPort-Thunderbolt-Adapter/dp/B00NH13K8S


As for screen size. There is a very good little app by richer sounds which you can use to work out sizes (quite helpful)

It depends also how much you are willing to spend. Some come with smart TV's in built. But be warned. Only Samsung comes with all catchup services (Eg ITV player, 5 on demand etc)

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Port wise id like


1 Thunderbolt port minimum, 2 would be nice so i can daisy chain, if not id use my hub to do it.

3 HDMI ports minimum as i know finding more will be hard i bet, so anymore id have to look at using a swithcer

1 VGA / DVI / Display port as preferably not VGA as its not the best way, maybe even another HDMI depending on the graphics card i decide to use :P


its such a hard list to find all together, as for smart TV etc theres no need with my mac, playstation, Amazon Fire / Apple TV (unsure which one I'm going to run kodi on) and the TIVO box i have no need for a smart TV at all as i have everything :P.

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You also need to think about resolution pixels, refresh rates and formats

1020P, 576i 100Hz  and the like, it's a question of poring over the speciifcations in detail of the graphics cards driving the ports then finding a display that can cover all of them.

Thunderbolt to HDMI seems like a logical choice to cut down on the ports required on the display side


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