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Loud squeaking noise from left side of engine

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Hi Guys,

Got a problem with my Lupo SDI,

When the car is cold, I can hear a loud squeaking noise from the left hand side of the engine.

It looks as though it may be the belt (lower part of the engine)

Does anyone have an idea how to check this?

I've never changed it, had it over a year, car's done 30k miles, no idea when it was last changed.

Many thanks

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Auxiliary belt slipping? if these are tensioned manually on the alternator then tighten it up a bit. Do it right, not too tight as that makes other problems.

if the tension is right and it isnt slipping, then you could remove the auxiliary belt and start the engine and listen for the noise just to eliminate some things quickly. (i.e cambelt or auxiliary belt side of things)

You can do a visual inspection of the cambelt condition by taking the top half of the cover off i would think. is that 30K total miles or since you owned it? Cambelts have a time / mileage interval whichever is sooner, so if it's old but low mileage you should still change it.

Water pump is probably driven off the cambelt, (i havent looked at SDI engine yet) they can screech when the bearings are shot. When you are looking at the cambelt condition have a squint down to the water pump and see if it looks recent.

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